Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bridging Leaders?

Bridging Leaders is your Girl Scout leader’s helper.  We provide Girl Scout badge and journey workshops.  We offer Bridging Leaders scheduled events where your troop may have the opportunity to work with girls from other troops.  We also provide custom events where you work with us to select the date, time, and location for the workshop that most interests your troop, service unit, or association. 

What is the difference between a custom event and a Bridging Leaders scheduled event? 

Each month we have Bridging Leaders scheduled events.  These are events that we think will be popular among girls within a specific program level.  We schedule these events on an ongoing basis for girls of various program levels. 

A custom event allows you the freedom to select the event that is of most interest to your troop, service unit, or association.  You select the event and location.  Then you work with us to determine the date and time.  We love custom events because they provide the most support to leaders and allows us the opportunity to work with leaders to provide an event tailored to her specific troop. We require a deposit to book all custom events. 

What is your refund policy?
If for some reason, we cancel an event, (e.g., for example if we cancel due weather) we will always offer you a refund or the opportunity to reschedule.  
When you purchase tickets with us and, for some reason, have a conflict, with 1 week notice, we will offer you a credit at another event.  With less than 1 week notice, we will not offer a refund or credit.  
For refunds regarding custom events, we follow this same policy, however, the deposit paid to secure a date is non-refundable. 
What do you do in a Bridging Leaders event?

Our workshops allow your girls to complete the GSUSA requirements for the selected badge or journey.  We are always happy to provide you with a sample itinerary or a list of expected activities for any of our events? 

Are you affiliated with my local Girl Scout Council?

Yes, and no.  We are Program Partners with the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital.  But we are not the same entity.  We work with the staff in the Council Program Department to ensure we provide you with workshops that meet the requirements of your selected badges and journeys. 

Where are you located?

Everywhere within GSCNC boundaries.  All of our administrative tasks occur in Loudoun County, Virginia.  But since we come to you, there is no need for you to worry about driving your troop to far away locations.  One of the benefits of having a custom event is that you get to select the location of the workshop. 

Do I need to stay while my daughter is attending an event?

Typically, no, there is no need to stay while your daughter is attending an event.  We always welcome parents staying for an event.  However, sometimes your daughter has an easier time developing her independence when you are not around.  You know your daughter best, so we defer to your decision. 

During a Bridging Leaders scheduled event, we will always let you know, if we need a trop leader or parent to stay with the troop.  During custom events, your troop is responsible for maintaining the appropriate GSUSA girl to leader ratio, unless you make other arrangements with us. 

What if I am late when picking up my Girl Scout?
We understand that things happen and sometimes parents or troop leaders are late when picking up girls.  However, due to a recent influx of extended late pick ups, we are forced to start collecting late fees.  We provide a 10 minute grace period for picking up.  After 10 minutes, we will charge $1 per girl per minute starting at event end time.  
What should my daughter bring to a Bridging Leaders event?

It is always recommended that you send your daughter with a water bottle, particularly for outside events.  During daylong events, she should also bring a sack lunch. 

Our outside events are rain or shine.  Please have your daughter dress for the weather. 

Does the registration fee cover the cost of the badge?

Unless otherwise stated in the class description, our events do not include the cost of the badge.  We are always happy to obtain the badges for you, but we will pass along the associated badge cost. 

When we offer patch events, the registration will include the cost of the patch.