Volunteering with youth should be more fun than work

Our mission is to help Girl Scout leaders lead more by decreasing the administrative tasks and prep work required of leaders. This means your troops will receive more programming.

We strive to provide quality journey and badge workshops for Girl Scouts of all levels.

Bridging Leaders?

In Girl Scouts, the act of "bridging" is when girls move from one level to the next. Bridging is celebrated in a special bridging ceremony during which Girl Scouts celebrate their past accomplishments and look forward to those experiences that are to come. 

At Bridging Leaders, we help you go to the next level of Girl Scout leadership without making more demands of your valuable time.  We believe you should have the opportunity to lead without taking away from your family. 

Why Bridging Leaders?

Is there even a need for Bridging Leaders?  Yes.  Girl Scout membership is declining, in part, due to lack of adult volunteers.  As a Girl Scout leader you have training, forms, planning and prep work, and more.  The process can be quite overwhelming.  At Bridging Leaders, we seek to support you so you don't feel overwhelmed.  

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What we do

Our priority is providing quality events which will enhance your troop's girl led leadership experience. Register for one of our regularly scheduled workshops or allow us to create a custom workshop or event specifically for your troop, Service Unit, or Association.  

"Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders."

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Tonya Williams

Learn more about our founder, Tonya Williams

As a child, Tonya was a Girl Scout.  Her mom was her leader.  When she had a daughter of her own, Tonya wanted to share the Girl Scout experience with her.  For years, Tonya was a Girl Scout volunteer, which led to her becoming a Membership Specialist for the Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital, the nation's largest Girl Scout Council.  While working as a Membership Specialist, Tonya heard over and over from troop leaders that they were overwhelmed and needed additional support.  This was the beginning of Bridging Leaders.

Tonya has a B.A. in Arts and Humanities from Florida Atlantic University and a J.D. from St. Thomas University School of Law.  She practiced law in the State of Florida before taking the opportunity to spend more time with her young children.  Tonya is once again a Girl Scout volunteer as a troop leader and a Service Unit volunteer.  Tonya also serves on the Board of Directors of Serve a Village and is the Director of its diaper bank project.